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CHLOE & MAUD PRODUCTIONS is a sister producing and dancing duo.  Both Graduates of Columbia University in Film and internationally recognized tap dancers, Chloe and Maud Arnold are producing and creating opportunities to elevate and celebrate the Art of Tap Dancing through Film, TV, and live events.  Recently they celebrated their 8th Annual DC Tap Festival which over the years has been graced by Emmy, Tony, Grammy Awardees, and today's hottest Tap Stars. The goal is to educate and inspire dancers and young people from around the world.  They recently produced a feature-length documentary called Tap World, a holiday workshop series called Tap Into The Holidays, and are developing content for TV/Film, and the Syncopated Ladies: Live Concert & Boot Camp.


  • Good Morning America

  • BET Experience

  • So You Think You Can Dance

  • Dancing With the Stars

  • BEYONCE Music Videos 

  • HBO's Boardwalk Empire and the Comeback

  • ABC Family's Switched at Birth

  • Special K, Macys, Toyota, Pepsi National Commercials

  • Syncopated Ladies: Live Concerts

  • Tap World: Feature- Length Documentary (Producers)

  • America's Got Talent

  • Numerous Debbie Allen Prods.

Why Unilove? 

Dancing has taken us to over 30 countries around the world. One of our favorite stops is Brazil. Brazilian women of all ages wear these unitards at the gym, dance studio, and in the street, in celebration of their curves. We felt empowered by this, and started to weat them in the US. The response has been overwhelming, from a diverse clientel. So we decided to launch UNILOVE: Universal Designs celebrating Self-Love Across the Globe. 

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